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Best Friend
The Annoying Song
The Irish Drinking Song
Children of Japan
Sleazy (Porn Mix)

CD: Chaos
Digital: iTunes


"I'm the kind of guy who likes to sing about his penis, please forgive me darling let's not let that come between us" That's the thing that separates satirical music from songs that are incidentally funny - you can always easily understand the lyrics. With a new CD of all their most requested songs, Melbourne threepiece Man Bites God have brought out a radio-friendly mix of poppy music and well enunciated, humourous lines. In the case of musical comedy , I think you generally need to have experienced a live performance of the band to feel connected to the CD (TISM being a possible exception), so not having heard them play live I had to just imagine their reputed hardcore legion of fans lining the front of the stage at Pony religiously chanting the words to the eight songs on their second EP, "Ultrasounds".

More musically evolved than most comedy groups, Man Bites God blend pub rock, bubblegum pop and sleazy pornstar funk to tell tales of unrequited love, sexual misadventure on Contiki tours and good old-fashioned witch-burning. The anthemic "Irish Drinking Song" was the standout tune for me. If I'd had a pint of Guinness, I would have swung it in time with the rousing chorus. With lines like, "If you were an electrical device then I would be your socket. I am glad to see you this is no gun in my pocket," I'm sure the porn inspired "Sleazy" is a massive hit with live audiences and will be played with relish by groups of lads in Saturday night warm-up mode. "Children of Japan" and "Lullabye" provide the necessary darkness and light, using their sinister lyrics to undermine the folly of the tunes that surround them.

For the uninitiated to thoroughly enjoy this CD, I suggest the following: first check out one of their live gigs or catch them at Pony's comedy night, Skeptic Tank. Drink in the atmosphere, have a dance, watch the boys strut their stuff - and then buy the CD. I think when you can attach your own memories of their onstage antics and the vibe of the show to their music, you'll get more out of it - I plan to anyhow. (Rebecca Cook, InPress)

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