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Spelling Bee Girl
My Shower Curtain
Justice Wears a Skirt
Trailer Park
Better Gnomes & Gardens

CD: Chaos (Australia)
CDBaby (US)

Download: iTunes


"Very chuckle-worthy... extremely funny..."

(Brett de Hoedt, 3AW)

"...God, this is cool... it's really clever."

(Gaby Brown, Triple J)

"...a mix of lyrics based comfortably in everyday reality, like Ben Folds."

(Luke Buckle, The Blurb)

Man Bites God are the pinnacle of a twisted sense of humour. A sense of humour unnoted in a bio leaning more towards lines pointing out the musicianship of the band.
Their musicianship is far from the best part of this release, despite a cacophony of instruments making appearances. Rather this album's strongpoint is of course the humour. It's funny as hell. The album opens with 'Shapeshifter', about a woman chameleon a shapeshifter if you will (who incidentally could even be a moment of abstract thought think about it!).

Sponsorship' gives much overdue shit to corporate musicians. "This song's got sponsorship, this song's got sponsorship!" before leaping into the less political 'My Shower Curtain' ("My shower curtain/thinks it's a person").

Pathetique' features actor Bob Franklin (of Bad Eggs fame) being, well, hilariously pathetique, but twisted humour peaks when 'Anywhere' is summed up with the line "She let's me put it anywhere" (a line later overshadowed in that very song, but we're a G rated website!)

Australian comedy, as most Australians would know, is very much a hit and miss situation that lately has had the misfortune to be more miss than hit. Then Man Bites God came along and hit enough to make up for everyone else. Hilarious!

(Tim Cashmere, Undercover Media, Coca-Cola Music Guide, BigPond Music)

Man Bites God are more than willing to suffer for the love of their art and the good of their fans.

Man Bites God's self-titled debut album contains traditional love songs such as the rollicking pop tune "Spelling Bee Girl", and the edgy and gorgeous "My Shower Curtain", which speaks of an entirely different kind of love. The epic "Pathetique" features a poignant spoken word performance by actor/comedian Bob Franklin (Bad Eggs, Crashburn) and the rocking punk track "Jealous" has a smokin' guitar solo by The Triffids' Rob McComb. "Better Gnomes and Gardens" is all Beatle-esque harmonies and recalls The Doors' sexy, menacing classic, "Riders of the Storm".

The lyrics for the Quentin Tarrantino meets "Burke's Backyard" track are:
He's a gnome with a chainsaw/ A garden gnome with a chainsaw
Ain't gonna take that shit no more/ enforcing his own kinda law
And the great dane from next door ain't gonna piss on him no more

Man Bites God will launch their new CD on Wednesday November 19 at the Corner Hotel.
(Karen Conrad, Beat)

You may have seen these guys around the traps. After being discovered by Dan Brodie in 2000, they went on to receive rave reviews at the 2002 Comedy Festival and can now be found performing around town on a regular basis. The trio have also spent their fare share of time in the studio. Having previously released two EPs, this latest recording is the band's first full-length CD.

Man Bites God's dark satire and musical versatility creates a distinct sound that works on more than one level. Think Tripod, but with more bite and a vague sense of artistic integrity . Their arrangements and harmonies suggest three accomplished musos who get a kick out of writing silly song, rather than three comedians who happen to be able to sing and play a little guitar.

A collection of short, catchy tunes veering from the frivolous and the absurd to the abstruse and the comically irreverent. Man Bites God's distinctive pop/rock stylings , combined with their sardonic tales of dejection and desperation are worth a listen.

Man Bites God will be launching their self-titled new CD at the Corner tonight. Their music has a maniacal bent to it that's probably best appreciated live... so, check them out.
(Louise Jones, InPress)

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